Sunday, January 30, 2011

We Have Arrived!!

We made it to our first official stop, Plainview Texas, Jerry's parents.
Today was a good travel day. We got a late start but we were so beat. But it all went so smooth. Our day started out with a continental breakfast and some bad coffee at the hotel. So naturally me being the master of the road used my smart phone to find starbucks, and then have it take us there with a touch of a button LOL... It was 6 miles out of the way but so worth it. After we got out wonderful morning JAVA JOLT we were on our way. At our first stop to get gas we were asked by a homeless man for a ride. That always makes me fell bad for them but we have to say no. The rest of todays trip was pretty uneventful. We did get to eat at Jack in the Box for the first time in 4 years so woohoo and yuuummm... About half way to Plainview I started hurting pretty bad so, driving down the freeway I climbed in back with Shelby, that was a pretty site LOL... Then she climbed in front. That had to look way better them me doing it. So i was able to lay down back there and put my legs up. I used the pillow Jennifer made for me for this trip. It is huge and full, full, full. It has been perfect for propping me up. I love it. So it helped laying back there for a while.
Well a while later about 7 hours into the trip Jerry and I were talking and i was drinking some coffee we had just picked up. I was telling him I liked my new mug. Then we realized I didn't pay for the travel mug. So I am the master of the road and a thief... I'M going to have some karma come back and get me....
That's all for now....

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