Thursday, February 10, 2011

New house

Here I sit in an almost empty house at 8 in the morning. Both kids also on their air mattresses, drinking my cup of coffee. We know how to move so we brought our coffee pot, sitting in my one chair looking at our big screen tv that has no cable so we watch movies on Tylers Xbox. All I think right now is, we are lucky we got our house so fast, but wow is it empty, so empty its hard to keep it warm downstairs. The only thing really different about this move is I have some family by me, thank God. We had dinner with my Aunt Mona last night. It was wonderful to relax, eat comfortably, and laugh. Oh and we did get a little loud :-D
My man its on day 3 of signing into this monster of a base. Tomorrow (Friday) we get our furniture. I keep thinking just let me pick a few important things, I want to start over with everything else... BLAH.... How will I make all this crap fit in my house??? It is much smaller then my old house. I'm a little scared right now. But we will make it work, we always do... Home is where the Army send you... I love my man and my kids, I would live in an apartment if I had to. And I would make it work.  wish us luck tomorrow.