Wednesday, January 26, 2011

2nd Day Of Packing

Well today the packers came today for the 2nd day. Everything is packed up now. Its now a three bedroom with random crap and boxes every where. we spent part of tonight putting all of our clothes in suitcases. I still can't believe at all the little things we still need to put together, and gather. Right now we are kicking back watching a movie and doing more last minute laundry. We will be up at 6am to do the finishing touches. They load everything up around 8:30. We also pick up the little Uhaul we will be pulling at 9am. We are almost done with this mess. It gets a little easier every day. Either that or I'm getting numb. The dogs are freaking out. They don't like this one bit. I think ha they don't like this, just wait they are about to be crammed in a car for over a week. At least they are small. I think I am done for the night. The kids are passed out on the couch and my man is next.
Chow, chow yall!!!!

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