Saturday, January 29, 2011

Long, Long Drive

Today was a long, long day. We woke early in or hotel and went to our almost empty house. I changed my clothes and ran to my Dr appointment at 8:40. I came back to a huge mess, but it was an organized mess LOL... So Jerry, and the kids worked their butts off trying to organize, empty the house, and full up the uhaul. I walked around throwing out trash and doing the little things, only because I'm not allowed to do the big stuff. I tell ya what, I married the best man ever made. I don't know what  I would do without him. I went and said my good bye to Jennifer. That sucked. I am going to miss her. It also sucked that I didn't get to see Kerri before we left. Any way the housing lady came to do our final out. She was so nice. Boy was she a talker. Then came the big good bye the B  Shelbys BF. That just broke my heart. My poor Shelby was so upset. We are going to miss him.
Oh now the drive. It has been a good drive so far. Tyler playing PSP and watching movies and Shelby making a scarf. I have been playing navigator, or should I say nagivator heehee. I love my phone. I spent 2 hours just flipping from sprint navigation to every other app on my phone. Just paying on it. My phone rocks, its just like a little computer. I am master of the road!!! If you need it I can find it ;-)
Any way I think we left at about 1:30is. We wanted to get to Dallas, butt we gave up at Shreveport LA. We were just to tired. So we will be up and gone by 6am. Well we hope. We should make it to Jerry's Moms no later then 2. For now we say good night. The master of the road will ride again in 5 hours!!!
Chow, chow

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