Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Packing Day 1

Our trip from Gulfport, Mississippi to Fort Lewis, Washington is running up on us fast. Today the packers came to pack up our house. They said it would be a two day pack and on the third day load it all up. We had three men at our door at 8:30 this morning. they went to work right away. they were very nice guys but they had their day cut out for them (we have a lot of crap) LOL.... They started upstairs, one man in each room. Well needless to say by the time they were done with mine and Tyler's room they all ended up in Shelby's room. Now that child has a lot of crap!!! And that's after throwing out I think it was 4 garbage bags full of who knows what. 
For lunch we got Pizza for everyone. We always feed the packers. Its just good sense, be nice to them and hope they are nice to all of your belongings.  I guess it was a pretty good packing up day. My house is full of boxes and this move is very real now. I'm not really freaking out about the getting ready part any more thank god. Now I'm just thinking dang we are going to be homeless soon. My Mom would say we are vagabonds :-) 
Tomorrow the movers come again. All is done except for the living room and the garage. Well it's 4 in the morning so I guess they will be here later today.
Oh one other thing, Kalub our cat left us today to go stay with Shelby's boyfriend for a month or so. We are going to fly him to us soon. I miss him already, but I think it's hardest on Shelby. We love that cat....
Well I am off to finish some more last minute laundry and maybe get 2 hours of sleep before we have to run, run, run again... I can't wait to start posting some travel pics. but for now I am going to see if I can post a couple good bye Kalub pics.
Chow for now

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  1. Aw! My poor Kalub is staying behind. :(. I wish there were a way you could get him to me. I would take care if him.