Sunday, January 30, 2011

We Have Arrived!!

We made it to our first official stop, Plainview Texas, Jerry's parents.
Today was a good travel day. We got a late start but we were so beat. But it all went so smooth. Our day started out with a continental breakfast and some bad coffee at the hotel. So naturally me being the master of the road used my smart phone to find starbucks, and then have it take us there with a touch of a button LOL... It was 6 miles out of the way but so worth it. After we got out wonderful morning JAVA JOLT we were on our way. At our first stop to get gas we were asked by a homeless man for a ride. That always makes me fell bad for them but we have to say no. The rest of todays trip was pretty uneventful. We did get to eat at Jack in the Box for the first time in 4 years so woohoo and yuuummm... About half way to Plainview I started hurting pretty bad so, driving down the freeway I climbed in back with Shelby, that was a pretty site LOL... Then she climbed in front. That had to look way better them me doing it. So i was able to lay down back there and put my legs up. I used the pillow Jennifer made for me for this trip. It is huge and full, full, full. It has been perfect for propping me up. I love it. So it helped laying back there for a while.
Well a while later about 7 hours into the trip Jerry and I were talking and i was drinking some coffee we had just picked up. I was telling him I liked my new mug. Then we realized I didn't pay for the travel mug. So I am the master of the road and a thief... I'M going to have some karma come back and get me....
That's all for now....

Saturday, January 29, 2011

Long, Long Drive

Today was a long, long day. We woke early in or hotel and went to our almost empty house. I changed my clothes and ran to my Dr appointment at 8:40. I came back to a huge mess, but it was an organized mess LOL... So Jerry, and the kids worked their butts off trying to organize, empty the house, and full up the uhaul. I walked around throwing out trash and doing the little things, only because I'm not allowed to do the big stuff. I tell ya what, I married the best man ever made. I don't know what  I would do without him. I went and said my good bye to Jennifer. That sucked. I am going to miss her. It also sucked that I didn't get to see Kerri before we left. Any way the housing lady came to do our final out. She was so nice. Boy was she a talker. Then came the big good bye the B  Shelbys BF. That just broke my heart. My poor Shelby was so upset. We are going to miss him.
Oh now the drive. It has been a good drive so far. Tyler playing PSP and watching movies and Shelby making a scarf. I have been playing navigator, or should I say nagivator heehee. I love my phone. I spent 2 hours just flipping from sprint navigation to every other app on my phone. Just paying on it. My phone rocks, its just like a little computer. I am master of the road!!! If you need it I can find it ;-)
Any way I think we left at about 1:30is. We wanted to get to Dallas, butt we gave up at Shreveport LA. We were just to tired. So we will be up and gone by 6am. Well we hope. We should make it to Jerry's Moms no later then 2. For now we say good night. The master of the road will ride again in 5 hours!!!
Chow, chow

Friday, January 28, 2011

Now For The Drive

I will post more later, I just wanted to get some pics up..
Tyler is watching a movie, and Shelby is kicking back on her phone. Lolli had the back and half of the third row area with Tyler. Bell is curled up somewhere with Shelby. My man is driving.... I am so happy he is home for this move. I love that man of mine <3

Thursday, January 27, 2011

Empty House

Today the movers came with the giant truck and drove away with our house :-( it was a very long day, and just a little painful. The last week is catching up with me and kicking my a**. After the movers left and we cleaned up the house a little we went to eat at Jennifers house. We topped of a long crappy day with a wonderful meal and great company. I am really going to miss that woman. The number was after we got done eating my stomach spasmed out in a big bad way. That's my body saying stop doing sh** or I will make you stop. So we hung out there for a little bit. Jerry moved the Uhaul into the garage, Shelby and Ty went bowling with B and Jerry and I went to our hotel room to chill. Now I have a Dr appointment first thing in the morning while my man will be doing the man thing, loading up the Uhaul. Then we sign out of our house at 11:30 and we will be on the road after that. Woohoo, so close!!!
For now its bed time.
Blog ya tomorrow
Chow, chow

The Kids Are So Done

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

2nd Day Of Packing

Well today the packers came today for the 2nd day. Everything is packed up now. Its now a three bedroom with random crap and boxes every where. we spent part of tonight putting all of our clothes in suitcases. I still can't believe at all the little things we still need to put together, and gather. Right now we are kicking back watching a movie and doing more last minute laundry. We will be up at 6am to do the finishing touches. They load everything up around 8:30. We also pick up the little Uhaul we will be pulling at 9am. We are almost done with this mess. It gets a little easier every day. Either that or I'm getting numb. The dogs are freaking out. They don't like this one bit. I think ha they don't like this, just wait they are about to be crammed in a car for over a week. At least they are small. I think I am done for the night. The kids are passed out on the couch and my man is next.
Chow, chow yall!!!!

Packing Day 1

Our trip from Gulfport, Mississippi to Fort Lewis, Washington is running up on us fast. Today the packers came to pack up our house. They said it would be a two day pack and on the third day load it all up. We had three men at our door at 8:30 this morning. they went to work right away. they were very nice guys but they had their day cut out for them (we have a lot of crap) LOL.... They started upstairs, one man in each room. Well needless to say by the time they were done with mine and Tyler's room they all ended up in Shelby's room. Now that child has a lot of crap!!! And that's after throwing out I think it was 4 garbage bags full of who knows what. 
For lunch we got Pizza for everyone. We always feed the packers. Its just good sense, be nice to them and hope they are nice to all of your belongings.  I guess it was a pretty good packing up day. My house is full of boxes and this move is very real now. I'm not really freaking out about the getting ready part any more thank god. Now I'm just thinking dang we are going to be homeless soon. My Mom would say we are vagabonds :-) 
Tomorrow the movers come again. All is done except for the living room and the garage. Well it's 4 in the morning so I guess they will be here later today.
Oh one other thing, Kalub our cat left us today to go stay with Shelby's boyfriend for a month or so. We are going to fly him to us soon. I miss him already, but I think it's hardest on Shelby. We love that cat....
Well I am off to finish some more last minute laundry and maybe get 2 hours of sleep before we have to run, run, run again... I can't wait to start posting some travel pics. but for now I am going to see if I can post a couple good bye Kalub pics.
Chow for now